Commercial Pressure Washing

Do you have a photo of when you first set up shop in your current location? If so, does the exterior of your Albany business look as good as it used to? Are there stains? Has air pollution and weather taken its toll? Does the facade look old and tarnished compared to how it used to look?

If any of these questions describe your situation, then contact Power House Environmental Pressure Washing, Inc. A good pressure washing of the outside of your commercial establishment can make a great deal of difference. As dirt slowly builds up over time, it can seem like an impossible task to turn back the clock on tarnished brick, discolored concrete, or stained cement. However, in the hands of a trained professional, a pressure washer can remove that caked-on dirt without damaging the material.

If you want an environmentally friendly and reasonably priced way to deep clean your façade or equipment, then give Power House a call.

Store Front Cleaning Service

The front of your Albany business is the first impression clients get. Depending on how your storefront is maintained, this can lead to more business or none at all. You might be the very best at what you do but if you don’t convey an atmosphere of professionalism, then it will be hard to gain the customer’s trust.

Our equipment is able to remove dirt and grime that is imbedded in the siding, brick, concrete or other material so effectively, that our clients are often surprised to see the real color of the material. With the use of hot water and specialized detergents we can also revive your sidewalks to like new appearance removing chewing gum stains and foot traffic buildup.

Fleet and Heavy Equipment Cleaning Service

A hard working company, needs equipment that works as hard as they do. This often means that a vehicle or piece of machinery is going to get real dirty. Not the kind of dirt that you can hose off but the kind of dirt that gets into every possible space and imbeds itself. The real issue, is that if left unchecked, the dirt can start to slowly eat away at the equipment. To prevent this from happening you can call Power House Environmental Pressure Washing, Inc. to pressure wash your fleet or equipment. The process is quick, affordable and will save you money in the long run.

Carwash Cleaning Service

For those who do not own a carwash, it may seem a bit odd to call another company to clean a place that has all the soap and water it could ever want. But, as we all know, vehicles can become very dirty, and not all of that dirt gets washed away. Grease builds up and different car fluids can get into the equipment, undercutting the effectiveness of the business.

Whether it is an automatic or a self-service carwash, our team knows how to deep clean the service area and the equipment, so the business can keep on doing what it does best. We can degrease machinery and acid wash stubborn old stains, often leaving the place cleaner than you’ve ever seen it.

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If your business is located in Albany or the surrounding area and you are looking for a reliable solution to your tough cleaning needs, then give us a call or send us an email. You will be amazed by what we can do.